Thursday, August 2, 2007

Teachers Testimonies - Kabul Ashieay Durani High School

European Initiative for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR)
Micro Projects Afghanistan
Fostering a Culture of Human Rights in Afghanistan
Teacher Training on Human Rights
Ashieay Durani High School, Kabul City
April 22nd – May 3rd 2007
Teachers Testimonials

“The HR trainings which started on 22 of April helped me learned a lot of very important things related to Human Rights specially about Women and Children Rights and Gender, which are all very important tools to better understanding Human Rights. I will try to train other teachers in my school with what I learned during this training and I will make myself a source for getting my community more familiar with their rights.” Mohammad Omer Khawaja

“The training which started for teachers in Kabul city with the help of European Commission, Relief International and Ministry of Education helped me really learn lot about issues related to Human Rights. In general I would like to say that I learned about human rights in context of Afghanistan and about human rights in other countries. This training has developed our understanding of human rights so now we would like to help our communities by teaching them what we learned from this training. At the end I would like to thank Relief International for providing us this important training.” Shekiaba Raoufi Zarqhona

“This workshop on Human rights for duration of ten days was very useful, particularly regarding Children Rights. It has been also effective to learn about different methods of teaching human rights education so I hope that Relief International provides further trainings and also computer training programs to the teachers of Kabul province.” Sidiqa Popal

“The training on Human Rights which was designed for 10 days was a very useful training. During these days we learned a lot of things about Human Rights, Children Rights, Women Rights, Gender and human rights education methods. All the teachers were working very hard during this training and the RI staff was very kind and provided very good and professional training.” Razia Nasri

“I have learned the following things from this training: awareness of Human Rights; awareness about Children and Women Rights; Human Rights Convention; Human Rights in context of Afghanistan and different methods for human rights education. We will continue to training other teachers about human Rights.” Bismilla Khan

“The training which we attended for ten days was really very useful and we learned a lot of things about Human Rights that we didn’t know before. Now that we have developed the ability to train our teachers and students on human rights, we will train our communities so that they will be able to know their rights.” Gul makai

“First, I would like to thank European Commission and Relief International staff for providing us the training and then I would like to state that I learned a lot of things about human rights which I didn’t know before. I have learned about the justice, rights, human rights, Human Rights Convention, human rights education, women rights, children rights, etc. All the members of our communities need to be trained in human rights so that they will know their rights as human beings.” Said Sardar Husain

“The training in connection to human rights which was organized by Relief International for a period of ten days was very useful and I have learned a lot about Human Rights. We discussed issues related to Human Rights in our communities and I really hope that I will be able to train the people of our communities, teachers and students about their human rights. And at the end, I would like to thank Relief International staff and the Ministry of Education for organizing this training. Thank you for your service in human rights education.” Shafiqa Qadri

“I have learned many things that I didn’t know about the international human rights before this training. I have learned about human rights, children rights, women rights, Gender and human Rights education methods. At the end I would like to thank Relief International and Ministry of Education for reaching to us and teaching us about human rights” Fariha Nazari

“The training which we attended for ten days on human rights was very useful and we learned a lot about the Human Rights that will inevitably help us.” Diana

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